Student Examples

By Chad

Silent outside except the tall marshy
Grass blowing in the wind.
Shots sounded in the distance the
Most noise we heard all morning.
They were faint noises that rippled
The edge of the deck of my stand.
As a minute passed and another minute,
Finally I heard the noise of my step dad’s
Silent low voice, look out next to that
While silence came in the room, I saw
The stream of his breath fill the
Cold foggy air.
As we wail patiently staring into
The marshy grass, the footsteps draw
Closer and closer.
Finally an opening comes and bang, bang,
Bang the loud ear piercing noise trailed off.
We lay silent staring at the ceiling
Waiting for the time to come and to go back.
As we walk through the marsh, grass
Its silent, silence is interrupted by sound of
The voice of my step dad saying softly, “we’ve
Got blood.”
We walk silent along the trail until we
Walk silent into the 8 point buck laying
Silent DEAD.
Silence dies away with the noise of
Happiness and cheering. I’ve shot my first buck.

The House of Terror

The silence came into the room
As she was laying down to rest,
But then she heard a snapping
Noise from the not so silent outdoors.
As she came out of the night
She heard a gnawing sound that startled
Her, she wondered where it came from.
She went back inside, the silence
Came into the room. She then heard
A shot sound in the distance
And footsteps dying away.

Lost in this Love
By Chou

Again tonight we have another argument, I didn’t know what else to say
I’m trying to get us settlement but it just too hard like a footsteps died away
The silence came into the room, right when you started snapping noise
Later in the afternoon, none of us wanted to make a voice
I’ve tried to look into your eyes, but you kept looking away at the other directions.
I have tried apologize, but I guess you haven’t mention
As it’s getting dark, I went and lay silent
Wondering why does it gotta be so hard, and why does it gotta be this violent
I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I came out of the night with tears
Tears rolling down on my face
I’ve tried to do everything right, but it seems to be like more mistakes
I guess I was too blind, for not seeing it straight
The pain that I was put through, will soon turn around at you one day.
Am I being too blind, for taking the blame when it isn’t my fault
I really do need to survive, and really need to stay away from this kind of love
Am I being too nice, or am I being to soft
Am I treating you right, or am I treating you wrong
Am I holding it too tight, or and I just doing it too tough
And here I am again, trying to understand
By silent on the bed and stared at the ceiling
Trying to forget whatever things we had bad, as what others was telling
As I’m lost in this love tonight, I don’t really know what to do
Sucking here in the middle of the night, having no clue.

By Tou Ger

As we were sitting there talking and drinking
In the room we hear a loud knocking
At the door:
Boom, boom, boom.
As we listened, silence fell
In the room. One of us opened the door
And a shot sounded in the distance.
It was our enemy that came to say hello.
As I was sitting there scared
Out of my mind,
They all rushed in from the front and from behind
Then the war began.
We fought and fought until we all fell down.
It was horrifying to see my friends die
And it made my life hard to say good bye.
Now I lay silent on the hard wood floor staring
At the ceiling hearing a snapping noise
As they fight and shoot one another.
The sirens of the cop cars roll in.
Everyone ran as if they ran for their lives.
It a second I felt a pain in my stomach.
As I laid there, footsteps died away.
I felt like I was betrayed
And there was silence outside. Voices
Trailed off. In that instance
I had died.

My Bedroom Silence
By Dalton

I lay silent as the silence comes
Into the room and stare at the ceiling.
I enjoy the silence that fell on the room
To think just two hours before
All the commotion that didn’t see to go away
And now calms the lake
On a moony summer night. The time
Seems to melt away like butter in a pan of fresh
Scrambled eggs. And so I peacefully drift
To sleep.

Crash Corner
By Garrett

Silence fell on the room as the nurses
Left. I lay silent in agony while I stare
At the ceiling, I kept asking myself how am
I ok. How don’t I have broken bones, I could
Have sworn I heard a snapping noise while
My body was being punished inside the car.
I just hope I don’t
Have to hear the gnawing sound of tires on
Pavement at the place I now call,
Crash Corner.

The Night a Great Became a Legend
By David

The Notorious B.I.G. was sitting in his car
The night of March 4th, 1997.
It was silent outside; a surprise for being in L.A.
But that silence was broken when two men came out of the night
And multiple gunshots sounded in the distance.
There was a snapping noise in the car; seconds later
Those two men’s voices trailed off and the footsteps died
Away into the night as they fled from the scene of the crime.
The silence fell on the room of the car.
Biggy lay silent with a blank stare at the ceiling
With a hole in his chest; at least he died being known as the best.

By Cassidy

Death is like a road of wonder
And grief of the ones lost.
Silence filled with emotion of
Sadness, waiting to burst out
Into screams of “I’ll never
Forget you, and I’ll miss you.”
Wanting to tell someone
Everything you never did, feeling
Regret inside.
Death is like staring at a
Blank piece of paper, no words
Written to show emotion.
It gets silent.
Left of memories unforgotten
Stories to be told of that on so
Great someone who is no longer
Six feet under, people walking all
Over them, going on with life.

By Becca

As I may silent on the cot next to
My aunt is the hospice room, staring
At the ceiling, and smelling the sanitizing
Cleansers. I thought nothing but
Thought of sorrow and despair.
Her time was coming to a fast end
As her words and breaths faded in
And out rhythmically, making time
With her more precious.
Just days after I saw her last, we
Received a devastating call, my grandma’s
Voice trailed off on the phone as she
Told us the news, my beloved aunt had
Passed. Driving home that could winter
Afternoon with tears flooding my face
And my heart tearing into pieces, we
Couldn’t believe the recent news. As the
Funeral seeing her cold body in the
Casket. Harsh reality set in, “staring at
Her glistening beauty, her angel has become
My guardian for eternity.”
Weeks later I once again lay in
Silence in my bed, with tears streaking
Down my cheeks, at last the dots have
Now been fully connected. My second
Mother and true best friend had finally
Left the world for good.

The Night to Remember
By April

Silent outside, staring at the ceiling.
Soft footseteps die away
until the next day.
Then the gray will fade away.
His warm arms wrapped around my satin skin
Feeling the breath of a whisper up against my ear.
The green knitted blanket slowly falling
Dissolve the goosebumps on my bare skin.
The wind blowing threw the tall dampened grass
Around the silver 4×4.
His voice trails off and silence grows again
Feeling in slow motion a warm touch
From lips so fine up against mine
Unbaringly not wanting to let it go.
My hands shape as they lift to his day old shaved face.
I close my heavy eyes and say good night.
Knowing he will be by my side when the morning arises.

By Nacho

The game is over
And is already midnight
We are going out of the subway
And is silent outside.
When we are in the streets we
Start to hear a snapping noise,
It was the baseball bats and the metal bars from the supporters of
The other team.
In that moment a huge fight starts
In the middle of the street when
A shot sounded in the distance, it was
My friend Pablo. After that was all

Opening Night

As the lights went down in the audience
And the curtain slowly opens the silence came into the room.
As we all stand there in the silence waiting
For the music to start. The only thing you can hear onstage
Was the synchronized breathing of all of us.
Then right before the music and lights turned on
You could hear one voice that broke the silence
And that one voice was Julie.
Then slowing as we danced on
You could hear more screams breaking through
The silence’s tight hold. As we closed near the end
Slow the screams faded back out till all I could hear
Were my parents. Then the silence fell on the room
Once more. We got up and walked into the silence
Our footsteps died away with every step we took.


Adrian Peterson heard a snapping noise.
When he stood up the silence came into the room.
A shot sounded in the distance.
As Adrian ran to the ripped edge of the deck
A gnawing sound filled the environment.
A sasquatch charged.
Adrian found his dog as he lay silent.
3 hours later he woke up staring at the ceiling
The random chaos was all a dream.

His Voice Trailed Off
By Erin

Out of the darkness beyond the windows
Silence came into the room
Illuminating all the words they knew they’d never say
The silence between them was like a void
The longer they waited, the farther they were
Sucked into it
The harder it was to escape it.
They turned and left
Listening as each other’s footsteps died away.

The Darkness
By Jeff

A snapping noise outside in the bushes
What’s out there?
Gnawing, rustling, is it getting closer?
Too hard to tell in the black night
Its getting closer it seems
Louder, faster
When you seem to reach out and touch it
Nothing, gone, silence.
Fear again persuading you to believe what’s not there.

By Courtney

It was nothing but silent outside, with
A few sounds of the ear piercing crickets.
We sit there on a cold hard bench,
Gazing out into the dark but yet moon
Lighted night. We sit together hand in hand,
Both watching the water rippled against
The edge of the deck. Each splash making
A soft snapping noise. We sit there, just
The two of us, feeling like it should never
End, until finally his footsteps died away &
His voice trailed off, & I was alone once

Last Mistake

His voice trailed off
As his footsteps died away
A silence fell on the room
Now I am alone…
A minute passed and another minute
As I lay silent,
Staring at the ceiling
We took places opposite each other
You loved me, now I love you
This heart break is so loud
Like a shot sounded in the distance
Now I’m deafened by your silence
Blinded by the tears
& forgiveness is something you won’t find here
You said you were strong enough
You were wrong
So I got caught up in your game
But I hope you know you’re my last mistake.


A minute passed, and another minute…
I stared at the ceiling as tears filled my swollen eyes.
Laying there silent, with only one thing on my mind.
For a moment it felt like it wasn’t real; like the world had stopped.
His voice trailed off, “I love you” was now a thing of the past.
Shutting my eyes for a moment, and re-awakening sonly after.
Filled in a place of silence, my footsteps were the only thing I heard.
I was soon in disbelief. I knew I was all alone and nothing could
Change it.
A slight glance reminded me of a thousand happy times,
All to be gone in just one day.
The silence of my footsteps slowly died away now…
If only I could say this was a bad dream.

Silent Horror: The Dark Forest by My Cabin

Her voice trailed off, all
Of a sudden it was silent
Outside, the footsteps just died
Away from the porch. I’m in my home
With a couple of friends, the silence came into the room
Making everyone wonder.
Then a wolf came out of the night
With a gnawing sound.
Now we’re all wondering
What will happen next.

The Buck Season
By Josh

Five seconds left on the clock
Bucks are down by two.
Bogut inbounds the ball to Jennings
Jennings sprints down court
And throws up a prayer
The footsteps died away
The stadium lay silent
A snapping noise breaks the silence
As the ball bounced off the rim
The Buck’s lose.

Faded Memories
By Megan

The black moody sky lay silent
The only light
Coming from dim flickering street lights
The streets are full of died away footsteps
Which used to be full of life and color.
Life of the human race
Life of animals and pets
Color withing every single unique fingertip passing by.
Footprints engraved on the sidewalk
From the multiple different shoes
Caressing each grey cement block.
The loud voices,
Worried voices,
Desperate voices,
All voices trailing off into the silent night outside
Which holds such peace and tranquility
The black moody sky looks down
At the street I used to call home.

The Wish
By Morgan

As you hear rustling and screaming
And yelling and thuds. A shriek came out of the night.
A shot sounded in the distance and a snapping
Noise sounded and ended as soon as it came.
The footsteps died away and all was quiet.
The voices had trailed off and it was
Dead silent out in the silent cool night.
She looked down as that once life filled
Body how lay silent. Watching as the heat left the body.
Her voice trailed off as she stopped murmuring and the silence came into the room.
As the silence slowly engulfed the entire room
She wished a sound, crack anything
To break it. But as she was about to
Come back to realization, she drifted off to
A place that understood what she nearly wished for. As she lay
Her head against the wall and folded into an abnormal position and finally let go.
She sat back and let out a whimper
Then went back to staring at the dark wall.
This isn’t what she wanted she just wished
For silence but this was too much. As she
Heard a faint noise she snapped back to the
Reality searching for something, anything but all she
Could hear was the faint whisper of “careful what you wish for.”
As she stared at the cool unforgiving ceiling.


It was silent outside
Inside the room was thousands
Of roaring fans waiting for it to start.
The lights then died out
And the silence came into the room.
A rhythmic riff from an over-driven
Six string starts playing.
A man steps out into the light
Onstage and the crowd lets their excitement
Be heard. The bank kicks in
And the sound of guitars, drums,
And singing fill the room from the floor
To the ceiling and every inch in between.
The singing voices trail off late that night after
Hours of the magic show.


Mary’s voice trailed off
As she left the room.
No one spoke as her
Footsteps died away.
Suddenly a snapping
Noise came out of
The night.
Everyone just sat and
Stared at the ceiling.
The noise stopped and
Silence fell on the room again.

By Khou

I lay silent listening to my heart and pictured
Your beautiful face. I don’t want anything
More but you, my love, my life, my world
And anything but hate. I stare at the ceiling
Wondering how tomorrow is going to be, if we ended
With just a word of good bye. I don’t want anymore
Lies, slowly his footsteps died away. Soon
It was silent outside, I tell myself that he’ll be back
I asked myself: why? What did I do to deserve this?
To have to hear the simple words of good bye
From your lips. If only I were lucky and fate would present me
With just one wish. I would turn back time and start a new
With a gentle kiss. To be in your arms is something I’ve always loved.
But now you’re away – all I could do is imagine the impossible
And give a slight shrug. Days will pass by
And I will wait. Days will pass by and bring us fate.
Soon you’ll be back, back to me. We’ll have an ending with happily ever
After like Cinderella and Prince Charming was to be.

By Marissa

Not able to hear it, see it, touch it, but to feel it
Sensing as it came out of the night and entered the room
It comes through the air in a thick haze
Cutting your breath short causing a voice to trail off.
Filling into your lungs, making every breath feel as it if pulses through the room.
Sounds of footsteps died away causing the foggy haze to be more profound and noticed
A snapping noise breaks the fog, echoing into the air
Soon the gnawing sounds captures the room with the anticipation of speaking
The haze made into the room sealing the room at all possible movement.
Hesitation of speaking stirred into the haze until the call of dinner broke the silence
The movement of people causes the haze to move into the dark silent outside.

By Houa

Gather up spinning every piece of hair
Into place. Shimmering sparks pour down. I come out
Of the night as everyone stays behind. Wave
Like the ocean, waving one hand up, and one to either side
Spot lights on, silence fell on the room.
Guns, grenades, pistols, fights
To stay alive, to stay longer,
Standing out in the night, bullets that fly
Pass by, it was the longest 5 minutes of my life.
The footsteps died away
The war is over. I came back to life
Reality war was everything.

The Silent Cry
By Phong

A minute passed, and another minute…
Silent echoes disrupting the night.
Sounds invaded the room,
Whispers of an ill-forgotten past;
Gnawing at the height of laughter.
Seconds tick, hushed by maiden’s soft prayer;
Enveloping the scenery, corroding the earth.
Hours stand still as the footsteps died away;
Hope became day and day became night.
A fragile body, consumed by shadow’s hunger,
Lay silent; unmoving unchanging.
A stream of red water trickled slowly from a hole;
Dehydrating the body as silence came into the room.
Slowly, cautiously, the body slid from its place
To be gently embraced by a bundle of cloth.
Deprived of food and water, it lay still;
Its voice muffled from years of screaming.
Lost, forgotten; abandoned by fate.
Days go by, without a sound;
Without the chirp of a bug to the whistle of the wind.
The air quickly dampens
Merged with the scent of rotting flesh.
It scorches the nose and burns the eye
And yet the body did not flinch.
A light creak marks the presence of the man;
The stealer of dreams and the destroyer of ambition.
As he slowly edged toward the unseen door,
Alcohol was dancing merrily tonight.
As the door lay ajar,
Sounds disrupted the silence;
From the swish of cloth to falling tears.
But silence quickly returned,
Accompanied by regret and shame.
When will the pain be forgotten?
When will the nightmare end?
The body was already dead.

By Choua

I thought I would always be there
Never leaving him alone in the dark
It was silent outside, a shot would sound in the distance
In the clear cutting, I pulled the trigger
And there he was laying in the sand
I asked myself: what did I do?
Killed my best friend
Knowing he was already in heaven
How there was nothing left for me but to
Walk away from dead Lennie


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