Chapter Two Questions


  • (Page 20) What can we assume about the boss from Candy’s description of him?
    • Candy claims he is a nice man – What evidence do we have for/against this statement?
    • Is Candy a reliable source of information? Why/why not?
  • (Page 22) Why might the boss jump to the conclusion that George is taking advantage of Lennie?
    • Why doesn’t George simply tell the boss the truth about Lennie instead of claiming to be his cousin?
  • (Page 25) Why is Curly hostile towards Lennie?
    • Is Curly’s attitude justified? Why/why not?
  • (Page 31) Lennie thinks Curly’s wife is “purty” – Should the sexual attraction of a handicapped person differ from that of a non-handicapped person? Why/why not?
  • (Page 33) Slim is described as a talented, good looking, well respected man on the ranch. Does this give him reason to flirt with Curly’s wife? Why does he seem to get away with it?

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