Chapter Three (Part Two) Questions

  • (Page 51) Why does Curly’s wife spend so much time around the men? What is she looking for?
    • Do you think she will find whatever she is looking for from any of the men on the ranch?
    • Who is most likely to fall for Curly’s wife?
  • (Page 52) Susy’s whore house is a seemingly normal place for the men to visit. How might the same type of place be seen today? Is this acceptable? Why/why not?
  • Why do minor characters, even Susy the prostitute, and the dog Lulu, have names, but not Curley’s wife?
  • (Page 56) George and Lennie’s dream of owning their own land is becoming a reality. Lennie is obviously very excited – he has been waiting for his rabbits for a long time. How might George honestly feel about his dream actually being in reach?
  • (Page 58) When George and Lennie are talking about their dream, Lennie reacts violently to the hypothetical idea of the cat hurting the baby rabbits. What do we learn about Lennie through his reaction?
  • (Page 59) We discussed the parallels between Candy and his dog and now Candy sees this parallel himself and wants to join George and Lennie on their potential land. Why does Candy want to join George and Lennie – who he just met – so badly?
    • How does George feel about letting Candy in on his dream?
    • Why does George decide to let him in on it?
  • (Page 61) We have seen George lie before. Why does he choose to keep the dream and Candy’s involvement from the other ranch hands?
    • Why does he choose to keep it from Slim who we have seen him confide in before?
  • (Page 62) Carlson suggests Curly’s wife has no place outside of the house. What does this say about his opinion on women? What does this say about the 1930’s opinion on women?
    • Has this opinion changed since the 1930s? How so? How is is similar?
  • (Page 64) Who has the most power and influence on this ranch?
  • (Page 65) Respond to Lennie’s reaction to the fight.
    • Would Lennie have fought back if George had not told him to?

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