Chapter Six Questions

  • Reactions to the ending of the book.
  • Reactions to the book as a whole.
  • What did you take away from Of Mice and Men?
    • Feelings, new thoughts/perspectives, ideas…
  • (Page 99) What parallels can you draw between the description on page 99 to the end of the chapter?
  • (Page 100-102) What do you think was going through Lennie’s head when he envisioned/halucinated his dead Aunt Clara? The over-sized rabbit?
    • What do you think the significance is of Aunt Clara talking to Lennie (in his own voice)? The over-sized rabbit?
    • Are Aunt Clara and the over-sized rabbit representative of other characters/opinions/voices from earlier in the book?
  • Chapter Six ends in the same location Chapter One began. How is the ending of the novel similar/different from the beginning of Chapter One?

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