Chapter One Questions

  • (Page 1) Why does Steinbeck describe the setting with such detail?
    • What is the relationship between George and Lennie?
    • Describe how their “voices” differ.
  • (Page 5) What observations can you make about Lennie based on his attachment to the dead mouse?
  • (Page 7) What do you think could have happened in Weed to make George and Lennie leave?
  • (Page 9) Steinbeck compares Lennie to a terrier – What does this comparison say about Lennie?


    • What does it say about the view of handicapped people during the 1930s?
    • How have views on the handicapped changed/stayed the same today?
  • (Page 11) George complains about having to take care of Lennie. Why might George keep Lennie around?

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